Ranking of UK Universities

Everything You should Know about UK Universities' rankings

UK Universities Rankings

In this section you will get guidance regarding Rankings of UK Universities and Quality Indicators of UK Universities. So you can start exploring for best UK University for you.

There are the top UK Universities worldwide ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, considering various factors like teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook.

There is no fixed formula for deciding the best possible University and course for a particular student. Please remember alone rankings are not indicator of best university. It depends on several variables and Quality indicators like Full time Employment outcome, Ranking of Universities, Ranking of particular stream of Universities, Salary and Overall satisfaction of students.

We consider the rankings of the UK Universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, as they are genuine and a lot of research has been done by them on many different criteria on which they compared many Universities worldwide. Here, we have listed some of the UK Universities for you to have a look at and decide the one that’s best fit for you and provides good quality of education.

UK Universities' Rankings

World RankUniversity NameOverallTeachingResearchCitationsIndustry IncomeInternational Outlook
1University of Oxford95.490.599.698.465.596.4
3University of Cambridge94.491.498.795.859.395
10Imperial College London89.884.587.69769.997.1
27London School of Economics and Political Science81.3698392.835.193.2
30University of Edinburgh79.467.374.196.438.993.8
36King’s College London75.761.368.594.845.695.6
55University of Manchester69.756.963.885.244.791
77University of Warwick64.646.952.788.842.893.8
87University of Bristol63.241.848.495.540.986.6
99University of Glasgow62.241.147.991.84092.3
110Queen Mary University of London61.335.343.19844.196.7
112University of Birmingham60.939.645.692.139.389.2
117University of Sheffield60.145.246.48345.887.3
122University of Southampton59.840.244.38840.194.2
128University of York58.940.346.685.136.485.4
133Durham University58.545.547.875.537.991.7
139Lancaster University5834.739.492.53694.2
146University of Exeter57.433.938.992.437.891.9
146University of Sussex57.435.337.991.835.993.6
152University of Nottingham57.242.742.680.339.487.5
155University of Leeds57.141.145.97839.987.5
165University of Liverpool56.335.237.588.838.892.2
166University of Leicester56.130.134.896.238.190.7
168University of Aberdeen5630.433.395.245.895.7
192University of East Anglia54.228.330.197.235.787.7
198Cardiff University53.832.535.587.137.885.1
198University of St Andrews53.842.241.867.837.696.6
201–250University of Dundee50.1–53.724.831.290.546.580.4
201–250Newcastle University50.1–53.731.536.285.541.787.8
201–250Queen’s University Belfast50.1–53.731.235.583.738.796.4
201–250University of Reading50.1–53.732.135.276.940.391.9
201–250St George’s, University of London 50.1–53.7242298.236.979.6
251–300University of Bath46.9–50.028.631.175.737.590.3
251–300Brighton and Sussex Medical School46.9–50.015.919.910034.477.7
251–300University of Essex46.9–50.031.634.368.63596.5
251–300Heriot-Watt University46.9–50.028.426.775.24294
251–300Royal Holloway, University of London 46.9–50.030.630.273.437.192.8
251–300University of Surrey46.9–
251–300Swansea University46.9–50.021.324.193.336.883.2
301–350Anglia Ruskin University44.5–46.817.914.499.935.183.7
351–400Birkbeck, University of London 42.4–44.427.631.562.834.587.4
351–400Brunel University London42.4–44.426.926.963.236.895.3
351–400Goldsmiths, University of London 42.4–44.433.828.660.435.179.4
351–400University of Kent42.4–44.424.128.467.93591.5
351–400Loughborough University42.4–44.433.834.352.93980.1
351–400Northumbria University42.4–44.419.418.185.635.172.4
351–400University of Stirling42.4–44.423.625.375.535.282.1
401–500Aberystwyth University38.8–42.324.822.966.339.778.1
401–500Bangor University38.8–42.322.420.766.335.781.8
401–500Bournemouth University38.8–42.333.218.755.534.879.8
401–500City, University of London 38.8–42.326.127.857.735.594.9
401–500Liverpool John Moores University38.8–42.317.717.578.234.971.8
401–500Middlesex University38.8–42.319.417.374.234.688.3
401–500University of Portsmouth38.8–42.317.816.27134.987.7
401–500Royal Veterinary College38.8–42.327.218.369.143.586.6
401–500SOAS University of London38.8–42.341.937.731.234.479.5
401–500University of Strathclyde38.8–42.328.331.651.943.686.2
501–600Aston University35.3–38.72124.
501–600University of Hull35.3–38.722.32356.136.376.5
501–600Keele University35.3–38.720.322.464.135.573.8
501–600The Open University35.3–38.718.216.166.534.857
501–600University of Plymouth35.3–38.720.319.367.53570.3
501–600University of the West of Scotland35.3–38.713.913.976.83574.6
601–800University of Brighton28.3–
601–800Coventry University28.3–35.217.412.744.134.789.3
601–800De Montfort University28.3–35.216.913.850.434.675.6
601–800Glasgow Caledonian University28.3–35.215.712.
601–800University of Greenwich28.3–
601–800University of Hertfordshire28.3–35.217.51342.735.380.1
601–800University of Huddersfield28.3–35.222.82044.836.672
601–800University of Lincoln28.3–35.216.514.164.335.371.2
601–800Manchester Metropolitan University28.3–
601–800Nottingham Trent University28.3–35.217.712.959.534.969
601–800Oxford Brookes University28.3–35.228.52437.434.678.4
601–800Ulster University28.3–35.2211840.935.675.7
601–800University of the West of England28.3–
601–800University of Westminster28.3–
801–1000University of Bedfordshire22.2–28.216.913.629.334.977.1
801–1000Birmingham City University22.2–28.21610.337.434.662.8
801–1000University of Bradford22.2–28.219.316.43336.981.2
801–1000Cardiff Metropolitan University22.2–28.216.510.84134.761
801–1000University of Central Lancashire22.2–28.215.712.739.734.864.6
801–1000University of Derby22.2–
801–1000University of East London22.2–28.220.414.532.834.478.6
801–1000Edinburgh Napier University22.2–28.216.713.940.435.680
801–1000Kingston University22.2–28.217.615.633.334.784.2
801–1000Leeds Beckett University22.2–28.216.613.939.53549.8
801–1000University of Roehampton22.2–28.218.719.931.334.576
801–1000University of Salford22.2–28.218.714.838.734.870.1
801–1000Sheffield Hallam University22.2–28.217.513.241.434.852.9
801–1000Staffordshire University22.2–
801–1000Teesside University22.2–28.215.510.643.934.853.7
801–1000University of Wolverhampton22.2–28.215.813.33534.565.3
1001+Canterbury Christ Church University10.7–22.116.411.320.134.442.4
1001+University of Chester10.7–22.115.812.724.834.846.6
1001+Edge Hill University10.7–22.114.810.233.134.442.4
1001+London South Bank University10.7–22.115.410.418.134.875.3
1001+Robert Gordon University10.7–22.116.811.323.335.275
1001+University of South Wales10.7–

All ratings are out of 100.

Warning on Rankings

University rankings usually focus on various factors which are not relevant to all the students. These university rankings present a list of institutions in the form of a league table, suggest a precision which is unlikely to be supported by detailed examination of the data. Students all over the world over use rankings for advice on which particular teaching program, at what campus to enroll in. Most don’t realize that many of the rankings scarcely measure teaching or the campus experience at all. They mostly measure research outcomes.  Most of the ranking systems are heavily influenced towards universities with reputations and research-intensive profiles. However, many universities do not have a research focus and have not had the history to develop an age-related reputation. Instead these universities might focus on vocationally-oriented studies such as nursing, Hospitality and other health sciences, design, fashion, journalism and many other career-based studies. So Students should therefore be aware that ranking systems generally promote well-established more traditional universities and do not give much credit to universities, especially younger universities, which might be more focused on producing job-ready graduates for a diverse range of careers.

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