The total Number of International students coming to Australia Each year: Overall facts and figures and the Major Source countries of this inflow.


The following Data is derived from ‘student visa’ program reports and pivot tables are provided by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia on the website

Number of International students coming to Australia each year from All countries combined (All offshore student visas)

Australia is attracting many international students; you can observe the steady growth from 125,000 / 150,000 students to more than 2,00,000 students. Wow! Congratulations to all the stakeholders of the Australian education industry!

The sector dealing in higher education is obviously the major beneficiary of this student growth. The independent Elicos Sector comes a 2nd with the highest number of students and the Vocational sector follows as the 3rd.

The Number of Indian students coming to Australia Each year:Yearly Data on Australian Students visa of indian student (As per Financial year: July to June)

India is the 2nd most important source country, only after China. An observation of the following detailed blog clearly delineates this fact:-

The number of Chinese students coming to Australia Each year:

China remains the number one source country so far and still persists as the major driver for overall students’ growth in Australia. One can appreciate the almost double growth from 20,000-25,000 students to more than 55,000 students in just a decade. It can thus safely be concluded that the sector for higher education is still the major beneficiary for the growth of students coming to Australia from China.

The number of Nepalese students coming to Australia Each year:

Nepal seems to be the most turbulent source market of students for Australia. We can observe numbers varying from below 1000 to more than 15000 as well. Nepal is the only country having the highest growth rate in the  Vocational sector. However, the Higher education sector still ranks at number 1.

The number of Srilankan students coming to Australia Each year:

Compared to China and India, Sri Lanka is like a drop in the ocean; It is a very small market. We can, however, observe a steady growth trend in the last 3  years which makes it a promising market.

The number of students from Bangladesh coming to Australia Each year:

Bangladesh, like Sri lanka, is also a very small market compared to China and India. In fact, it is even smaller than Sri Lanka and no major changes have been noted in the last decade, Numbers usually range between 1000 and 1500 students.

I have tried my best to give a concise overview of the facts and figures that I have collected from the authentic source ( I hope my insights into a subject that I am sure fascinates most people in our industry prove of invaluable help.  Signing off till the next blog, watch this spot. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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