Current Trends amongst Indian students going to Study Abroad

Current Trends amongst Indian students going to Study Abroad: the facts and figures (number) of Indian students going to the major, global, study destinations each year; over the last decade (2008-2018)

If you are curious about or want to know the accurate number of Indian students, actually going abroad to major study destinations (Canada, US, Australia, UK and NZ) in the last decade, then you have hit the right blog.

Table: Number of Indian students going to Top 5 Study destinations each year


Chart: Number of Indian students going to Top 5 Study destinations each year

Some pertinent observations based on the facts and figures:
  • It is clearly observed that there is a steady, and continuous increase in the number of students going to Canada.
  • According to CBIE (Page 6), “In 2017, 75% of the international students in Canada were pursuing post-secondary studies of which 57% were studying in a university program.” Furthermore, it was stated that “At the university level, India superseded France as the second most common country of origin and citizenship of these international students.” This means Canadian universities are recruiting significant numbers of Indian students. This page on Statistics Canada also confirms that almost 35% to 40% of Indian students in the post-secondary are going to Candian universities in 2016-17 and earlier. Unfortunately, There is no such data available for 2018.
  • For Canada, positive factors for Indian students would be: Post study work visas, Better chances of Permanent residency after study and post-study work visa compared to all other major study destinations, immigration-friendly government, Positive local environment for international students, Easy and quick process of student visas etc… This also reflects that for Indian students, Post-study work opportunities and Increasing possibility of Permanent residency are major factors in selecting study destination.
  • You can observe the gradual decline of student visas issued for the US in the year 2018. You can also observe a major slow down in 2016 and 2017.
  • For US, data in the above tables only show F1 visas, as numbers are very small under M1 visa Category for India. For example, Number of students visa under M1 category (Vocational education) for the year 2018 is 628.
  • You may be surprised with an increase in the number of students opting for the UK . Just imagine, the crowds if UK  were to start offering Post-study work visa too, in the near future.
  • The number of students going to New Zealand is still below 8000, for this year as well. This is against the common perception of an increase in New Zealand numbers after a revised Post-study work visa.

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